Big Data for Healthcare

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Despite the amazing benefits of big data, most healthcare organizations are slow to adopt it. Most are concerned about privacy and security issues; others simply do not have the in-house expertise or technology infrastructure to support the complexity and high-performance computing requirements.

But ready or not, the healthcare industry is about to make an unprecedented leap into big data with the goal of improving  patient care and outcomes. Big data initiatives have the potential to fuel innovations in diagnosis and treatment while lowering costs and improving access to care. Healthcare organizations that embrace big data will establish themselves as leaders in their field.

Fortress Networks’ big-data platform, exclusively for the healthcare industry, solves these challenges and delivers a high-performance, HIPAA-compliant, cloud computing infrastructure to securely host your big-data initiatives.

Modernize your technology infrastructure and lower costs: The Fortress Networks cloud computing infrastructure for healthcare big data significantly reduces or eliminates your need to invest in expensive hardware, advanced network configurations, and data center facilities.

Protect patient privacy: To many, making your information sharable across systems, departments, and organizations seems at odds with the critical regulatory requirement to protect your patient’s privacy. However, when you select Fortress Networks, you are selecting the nation’s only healthcare-exclusive cloud computing provider with the world’s premier privacy experts.