Custom Application Development

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Sometimes, what you have isn’t precisely what you need, especially when it comes to software.. Your users may not be adopting the software, or you may have a specific use case that can’t be met with off-the-shelf software.

Fortress Networks Professional Services designs application interfaces based on specific use cases. Application-specific expertise includes user interface design with ongoing iterations based on user feedback and specific use-cases—all branded to your organization’s look and feel.

Application development services encompass information architecture, API and code development and integration, as well as database design based on the Agile approach to the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process. We’ve built multiple data warehouses, as well as analytics dashboards that provide information to healthcare professionals such as healthcare outcomes at-a-glance.

Fortress Networks also conducts comprehensive code reviews to identify any application vulnerabilities and provide remediation fixes. To assist in protecting data, Fortress Networks pinpoints data flows into and out of applications. Fortress Networks Professional Services will provide data flows, lifecycle analysis, and context diagrams to help establish safeguards required for data at every stage of its lifecycle.

Choose  a trusted partner with a healthcare-only focus and a strong compliance background.

Establish safeguards that include lifecycle analysis and context diagrams for every stage of the software lifecycle.

Be sure to conduct  a comprehensive systems analysis to fully determine the strengths and weaknesses of every client’s healthcare IT infrastructure, down to the application and database field layer.

Fortress Networks provides the only service platform designed exclusively for healthcare with complete HIPAA compliance, combined with expert security and privacy professional services. Why choose anyone else? Contact us today.