Healthcare IT Infrastructure Agility

The Cloud’s Role in Transforming Healthcare

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Rapid advancements in technology and the healthcare regulatory environment have resulted in an aging, fragmented infrastructure that is compounded by personnel and capital constraints. Disparate systems, security concerns, and compliance requirements make it difficult for healthcare organizations to capture, access, and use their data to improve patient care.

The healthcare industry has been slow to adopt cloud computing for fear that PHI will be compromised. The HealthFORTâ„¢ Managed Cloud Platform combines the most advanced cloud technology, information security, and performance with a robust offering of managed and professional services to deliver the only healthcare exclusive cloud in the world.

Design Your Ideal Infrastructure

What’s more, you have the flexibility to customize your cloud infrastructure to fit the unique needs of your business. Choose from a wide selection of features and managed services, each developed to provide the advanced security, compliance, and performance required to support the rigors and requirements of a healthcare organization.

Quickly Respond to New Market Opportunities

Choosing Fortress Networks enables you to shed the restrictions imposed by physical infrastructure. Scale as your needs grow. Change your configurations, add new virtual servers, test new applications, spin up new environments, and much more. What do you want to do today? We can help you build it.

Tear Down Data Silos

Timely access to accurate data is an essential component to providing quality healthcare, improving processes, and making smart decisions. The HealthFORT managed cloud platform enables your organization to create a secure, neutral location to centralize the storage of data, including PHI, from multiple sources into a flexible, open standards, environment.

Getting Started Is Easy

Ready to begin realizing the benefits of vastly improved infrastructure agility? Our expert healthcare cloud infrastructure team can help you architect a solution that fits your needs.

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