HIPAA Compliance

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HIPAA compliance goes beyond information security. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the government regulations that govern patient privacy—including the use of protected health information (PHI), sharing of information with other providers and business associates, analysis of the data, and its disposal. It also requires an understanding of the unique workflows within a healthcare system that dictate how physicians and clinicians access and update the information to care for patients.

Fortress Networks is the only healthcare exclusive, cloud computing provider in the country. This enables us to fully commit our resources to understanding and exceeding the highest standards in HIPAA compliance, security, and privacy. Fortress Networks’ HIPAA Cloud Computing Platform is purpose-built to deliver unrivaled information security and HIPAA compliance.

Fortress Networks offers many layers of compliance, from a controlled secure facility to biometrics monitoring. The Fortress Networks HIPAA Compliant Cloud Computing platform provides the latest innovations in information security to protect your PHI from digital intrusion and theft. Fortress Networks’ Managed Services enables healthcare organizations to outsource many aspects of their IT infrastructure management to highly skilled experts, ensuring your systems are always secure and HIPAA compliant. And, keep in mind, all of Fortress Networks’ policies and procedures exceed the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule.

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