Meaningful Use

The Cloud’s Role in Helping to Achieve Meaningful Use

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Hospitals racing to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements are feeling the financial pinch. To support the implementation of expensive new EHR systems, they’ve had to expand their underlying IT infrastructure to support greater compute, storage, and/or network requirements.

Additionally, Stage 2 requires all healthcare providers to “protect electronic health information created or maintained by the Certified EHR Technology.” This includes off-site HIPAA-compliant storage, backup, disaster recovery, data privacy, and security measures. All of which require healthcare organizations to make ongoing infrastructure and security investments to accommodate the exponential growth of electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Savvy healthcare IT leaders are using this opportunity to improve infrastructure agility, gain operational efficiencies, implement advanced security measures, and more by adopting secure, healthcare cloud computing.

How Can Fortress Networks Help You Achieve Meaningful Use?

Maximize Your Reimbursement: IT infrastructure costs incurred while attesting to MU are eligible for reimbursement. The Federal Government will only reimburse a portion of your capital expenditures, because they depreciate. With OpEx, you get 100% reimbursement.

Simplify The Process: Eliminate the complexity and hassle of purchasing new servers, networking devices, expanding your data center footprint, configuring new equipment, and much more by leveraging the convenience and simplicity of a fully managed cloud infrastructure.

Safeguard Your Data: A failed audit or data breach can result in large fines, expensive remediation efforts, loss of business due to a damaged reputation, and even restitution. Leveraging the advanced security of the Fortress Networks Managed Cloud Platform backed by our comprehensive BAA will help to ensure you keep every penny of your MU reimbursement.

Think About the Future: A fully managed cloud platform will make achieving future Meaningful Use requirements all the more easy. You can focus your resources and efforts on supporting new clinical initiatives rather than upgrading, maintaining, and supporting an aging IT infrastructure.

Getting Started is Easy

Fortress Networks’ team of healthcare and cloud computing experts are available to help you sort through the MU requirements and architect a secure infrastructure that enables you to take one large step closer to achieving Meaningful Use Stage 2 (and beyond).

To talk to a cloud consultant please contact us online, request a quote, or call us at 1-866-733-8735.