Patient Engagement

Wellness and patient engagement are critical  to promoting healthier lifestyles for the patients in your population. Yet many people have bad habits they have a tough time shaking. Others believe health issues won’t happen to them.

The influence of patient lifestyle and behaviors on health outcome has five times the influence of the efforts of providers or health plans. Your organization needs to engage patients for smoother recovery from health episodes, encourage informed patients to select appropriate treatment options, and promote ongoing self-management.


Patients may be under care already, and the big challenge is preventing readmissions and providing them with tools for self-care. They may have chronic conditions and need the tools for ongoing care management in the home. Or they may be healthy and need to be engaged around wellness and health maintenance and promoting fitness and positive behaviors to prevent health episodes and reduce costs.

Fortress Networks’ Professional Services team of compliance and security experts provide healthcare organizations with intelligent solutions to solve the complex technological and organizational  problems of patient and consumer engagement.

We understand what it takes to amass the right data, safeguard it, and establish programs and policies that keep both consumers and patients on the path to health and wellness. if establishing a healthier population of patients and consumers is one of your goals—and it should be—contact Fortress Networks today.