Healthcare Providers

Removing Barriers To HIT Transformation

Most days, healthcare providers feel as if they are in over their heads—but behind every obstacle, there’s always an opportunity. Healthcare providers have to deal with population health, and that requires analysis of massive amounts of big data. They also have to move from volume- to value-based reimbursement, and adhere to numerous, complex regulations that set guidelines and expectations for coding, reimbursement, protection of PHI, and quality of overall care delivery. Healthcare organizations also have to cut costs and are operating in an industry with a growing number of mergers and acquisitions. In the wake of consolidation, many executives are beginning to realize their health systems are merely jumbled collections of healthcare facilities with different strategies and IT infrastructures that may not mesh well together. But as the healthcare world changes, new opportunities are arising to cut costs and improve care.

Fortress Networks is well equipped to help with these issues. The largest healthcare-dedicated cloud service provider, Fortress Networks:

  1. Offers a fully compliant cloud infrastructure capable of integrating many disparate operations.
  2. Adheres to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and HITECH Act.
  3. Is backed by the latest security technologies and practices.
  4. Has a healthcare dedicated cloud infrastructure and is supported by a talented healthcare-savvy staff with professional consulting expertise.
  5. Conducts regular and thorough Security Risk Assessments.

Specific services include:

  • HIPAA compliance
  • PHI security
  • HIPAA-compliant storage, backup, disaster recovery, data privacy, and security to deal with Meaningful Use 2 requirements
  • Big data support
  • Help with BYOD security
  • Secure email and collaboration
  • Business continuity
  • Infrastructure agility
  • Security Risk Assessment and Remediation Services
  • Health data management
  • Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Archive-as-a-Service
  • Consumer and patient engagement


Our state-of-the-art, cloud-based infrastructure and expert Professional Services team can help solve virtually every issue healthcare providers face today. Click here to see a full list of our solutions and services and let us know how we can help.