Life Sciences

Removing Barriers To HIT Transformation

Efforts by governments, health care providers, and health plans to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and demonstrate value is dramatically altering the health care demand and delivery landscape. It is becoming increasingly evident that the global life sciences sector is operating in an era of significant transformation. Life sciences companies are searching for innovation and growth—many through acquisitions and growth; changing regulatory and risk environment; preserving and building shareholder value; and preparing for the “next wave” as they are being asked to provide real-world evidence of positive patient outcomes to avoid exclusions and sales losses.

Regulatory challenges in today’s global life sciences sector—product safety issues, security & privacy breaches, intellectual property (IP) tangles, inappropriate marketing practices, and corruption incidents pushed to the forefront—each of which can result in government fines (which are growing in size and significance), product recalls, adverse media coverage, brand recognition damage and revenue and market share losses. Adding to this complexity are the factors of rapid change, increased scrutiny, more sophisticated risk-monitoring techniques, and coordination across agencies and regions.

Fortress Networks is the ideal partner to help assist with these issues. The largest healthcare-dedicated cloud service provider, Fortress Networks:

  1. Offers a fully compliant cloud infrastructure capable of integrating many disparate operations.
  2. Adheres to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules and HITECH Act.
  3. Is backed by the latest security technologies and practices.
  4. Has a healthcare dedicated cloud infrastructure and is supported by a talented healthcare-savvy staff with professional consulting expertise.

Fortress Networks offers specific services, including:

  • HIPAA-compliant storage, backup, disaster recovery, data privacy, and security
  • PHI security
  • Big data support
  • Help with BYOD security
  • Secure email and collaboration
  • Business continuity
  • Infrastructure agility
  • Security Risk Assessment and Remediation Services
  • Health data management
  • Desktop-as-a-Service
  • Archive-as-a-Service


Life sciences companies are faced with one of the fastest changing landscapes in the healthcare industry. If these challenges apply to you, contact us today.