Active Compliance and Security Monitoring

Fortress Networks Active Compliance & Security Monitoring Dashboard

With healthcare transformation moving at a rapid pace, compliance and security monitoring across the healthcare enterprise is a major HIT challenge.

Our new Active Compliance and Security Monitoring Dashboard simplifies adherence to administrative, physical and technical safeguards. Now gain continuous, at-a-glance transparency and actionable insights into your entire IT environment.

Our Dashboard is mapped directly to HIPAA guidelines. It can be enabled across cloud and private environments and easily monitor thousands of components, providing unique individual asset scorecards as well as a wide variety of additional reports and real-time status.




Key Scorecard Metrics & Features

Encryption Verification: Validates that your storage medium is successfully encrypted to ensure compliance for §164.312(a)(2)(iv)

Login & Log Monitoring: Quickly identify and mitigate the risk of unauthorized system access to ensure compliance for §164.308(a)(5)(ii)(C) and §164.308(a)(1)(ii)(D).

Log Retention: Secure, six-year retention and automated validation of access logs to ensure compliance for §164.312(b).

Patch Level Reporting: Receive notifications when new patches become available and quickly track previous updates to ensure compliance for §164.308(a)(1)(ii)(B).

Backup Validation: Monitors and validates backups to ensure they were successful. Receive real-time notications in the event of a failure to ensure compliance for §164.308(a)(7)(ii)(A) and §164.312(c)(1).

Compliance Trend Reports: Compliance trend reports include individual assets as well as overall compliance over time. Gain insight into improvement over time, as well areas that may need additional attention.


Easily Demonstrate a Culture of Compliance

An audit can be a scary thing. What if last night’s backup failed? Are all patches current? The Active Compliance and Security Monitoring Dashboard is a clear demonstration of your commitment to a culture of compliance. Best of all, you can now demonstrate this on your own, without spending extra time or money.

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