Log and Threat Management

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Safeguarding your ePHI requires vigilance and attention to detail. You must have the ability to detect threats, identify suspicious network traffic, and respond quickly to block unwanted intruders. The challenge you face is maintaining a comprehensive view of infrastructure threats, around the clock, without massive investments in technology and staff.

Log Management and Monitoring

Your log data provides a rich source of operational, compliance, and security insights. Fortress Networks’ log manager is a cloud-based log management solution that enables easy, scalable collection of log data from across all your datacenter environments, whether they be on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both. You can collect logs from operating systems, applications, network devices, and more in a matter of hours.

Search logs in a consistent, reliable manner without creating complex queries or custom reports. This powerful technology, coupled with an intuitive web interface, will allow your IT resources to spend more time uncovering valuable information and less time sorting through mountains of
meaningless logs.

For organizations seeking more advance security measures, Fortress Networks offers continuous expert log monitoring. This managed service delivers 24×7 security monitoring of your log data and identifies potential security and compliance issues that could impact your organization. Our security and compliance experts use advanced technology, up-to-date threat intelligence, and correlation rules to help you gain deep insight and visibility into the security posture of your IT environment. When security threats are identified, you receive immediate notification and recommend steps to resolve the issue.

Detect and Respond to Threats

Fortress Networks’ threat management system monitors network traffic and analyzes billions of events to identify suspicious activity and threats to your IT assets. When a threat is identified and validated by our Level 1 security operations center (SOC) we immediately notify you with recommended actions/responses. When needed, senior specialist teams are engaged to assist you. You can also implement automated blocking through integration with your network firewalls.

We give you insight into the real threats to your IT infrastructure, helping you make more informed security investment and resource decisions.

This service does not require complex integration or implementation. There are no large investments or heavy burdens to your staff. Just the latest security technology and the sharpest analysts,
working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Its Easy to Get Started

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