Dynamic Cloud Platform for AWS

Automatically deploy advanced security & compliance services in AWS environments

The Fortress Networks Dynamic Cloud Platform for AWS automates the deployment of advanced security and compliance services to simplify the management of AWS environments while ensuring they meet the highest standards in HIPAA regulatory requirements.


Easily Support Changing Workloads

Our platform aligns your technology environments with modern cloud services, easily enabling the capabilities you need to support rapidly changing workloads, including big data analytics, population health, coordinated care and collaborative research.  Best of all, you are assured of a security & compliance level that only Fortress Networks can deliver.

Our Dynamic Cloud Platform is built to automate the services needed to control an AWS environment. This includes adding more than 30 different services from Anti-virus to Intrusion Detection systems. We don’t obscure the AWS infrastructure API’s or control systems. This means that all native and third-party AWS tools continue to function.

Automatically Detects Changes

The platform automatically detects changes made within your AWS account and responds to those changes. The response can be anything from alerting our managed services to attaching security tools to a newly created instance.

Finally, these services are not simply automated. When using our platform, we include the associated software licenses and related services as part of each solution.

Our Purposeful BAA Makes It Easy

Built exclusively for healthcare organizations, and the technology vendors that support them, our Responsive Platform is backed by the most comprehensive BAA in the industry, to mitigate your risk and protect your organization. As healthcare security and compliance experts, we provide a purposeful BAA that ensures full coverage. You don’t need a separate BAA from Amazon.

Dynamic Cloud Platform BAA Coverage

Get The Level of Performance You Need

We offer three levels of performance that fit anyone, from a private practice or small application developer to enterprise healthcare. Each is delivered and with the same healthcare critical support.


Solution Level Options



The Best of Both Worlds

Managed and supported by our own AWS Certified professionals, you get the best of both worlds; the knowledge and experience of the only healthcare exclusive cloud host and the scale, features and performance that only AWS can deliver.


The Premier Managed Cloud Company

Our healthcare managed cloud platform aligns your technology environments with modern secure cloud services. These services enable new capabilities, insights and scale that will help improve healthcare outcomes by supporting big data analytics, population health, coordinated care, collaborative research, IT transformation and similar workloads.

Information is at the heart of the healthcare revolution. As the Premier Managed Cloud Company, Fortress Networks is powering the modern information engine that will allow providers, payers, pharmaceutical and medical product enterprise to lead that revolution.

The Fortress Networks Healthcare Exclusive Solutions Portfolio