HealthFORT Cloud Platform for VMware

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The HealthFORT Managed Cloud Platform for VMware provides healthcare organizations and software providers already invested in VMware a way of leveraging that investment within a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud platform.

As the recognized leader of virtualization VMware provides a robust set of tools and technologies used by many healthcare organizations and the software providers that support them. For many of these organizations, adopting cloud technology may require a significant investment updating their applications to run on other virtualization platforms. The Fortress Networks managed cloud platform for VMware provides these organizations with an easy path to a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

The Only Healthcare Exclusive Cloud

Fortress Networks’ healthcare-exclusive platform is built specifically to address the urgency, rigors, and regulatory requirements of a patient care environment. Our extensive knowledge of clinical applications reduces provisioning times, eases the data migration process, improves application reliability/stability/performance, and provides greater interoperability with other applications, systems, and organizations.

Additionally, you benefit from:

Hardened Operating Systems
We have developed specific operating system security configurations necessary to secure VMs from compromise and data loss. These form the basis of a security profile that is designed to meet HIPAA standards and allow PHI to be hosted on our managed platform.

Hardened Network Configuration
We apply specific network configuration standards for access control and traffic separation. We also configure dedicated security instances for advanced firewalling and VPN termination. As a best practice, we establish separate network environments for Dev/Test vs. Production environments. This provides for a smooth flow of code pipelines while maintaining production safeguards.

Encryption Configurations to Meet HIPAA Standards
We build VMware environments with the correct encryption standards across services to maintain strict compliance at all times.

Purpose-Built Configurations
Our team of engineers create purpose-built VMware environments to match your application needs and ensures that services meet security and compliance standards.

Select 3rd Party Applications
To supplement VMware, we provide integrated 3rd party applications and services directly into our hosted environment. Examples include Database Encryption, Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM) systems, Backup/Recovery software and Anti-virus solutions.

Portal and API
Access to your healthcare platform is available through our multi cloud portal and APIs.

Common Security Framework (CSF) Certified by HiTRUST
HiTRUST is the healthcare industry’s gold standard for measuring compliance and security. This underscores Fortress Networks’ continuing commitment to meet and exceed the global healthcare industry’s stringent data privacy and security regulations.

Comprehensive Business Associates Agreement
Significantly reduce your risk with the industry’s most comprehensive BAA. This is a strong shift away from the BAA’s offered by other cloud service providers that require you to take on the greater share of responsibility.

If your applications are already tuned and configured to run on VMware, you can rely on Fortress Networks for scalable, dynamic provisioning of hosted VMware to ensure your infrastructure remains optimized for healthcare security, HIPAA compliance, and application performance in a cloud model.