HIPAA Risk Remediation Services

A Trusted Remediation Partner

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Healthcare providers are faced with the daunting task of protecting their patient’s privacy. A single data breach or loss can result in expensive fines, legal costs, restitution, and lost business due to negative publicity. The costs can skyrocket into the millions of dollars for large organizations and potentially lead to bankruptcy for small to mid-sized providers.

Proactively identifying and addressing patient privacy risks will save you money, years of frustration, protect your organizations reputation and your career. That starts with an annual Security Risk Assessment (SRA) conducted by a reputable, third-party, compliance and security expert to identify areas of vulnerability.

Typically, the SRA identifies an extensive list of risks that must be remediated (eliminate the risk) or mitigated (manage the risk). There are 20 Security Standards and more than 60 Safeguard Criteria which can quickly add up, especially for organizations with more than one location. Limited resources, outdated systems, complex workflows, and challenges finding skilled labor can make successful remediation efforts seem insurmountable.

Fortress Networks can address the identified gaps, and reduce the “shell shock” that often accompanies the completed SRA. Our team will help your staff comply with the technical, administrative, physical and organizational safeguards in HIPAA, and guide you through any necessary organizational or workflow changes. Remediation services from Fortress Networks provide a measurable path by which outside auditors can recognize your progress against SRA findings.

A Trusted Remediation Partner
Fortress Networks’ expert healthcare information security and remediation services team can help. Starting with a thorough review of your security risk assessment we create a customized remediation plan that prioritizes the most urgent issues to establish realistic milestones, determine responsibilities, and assign the necessary resources. Most importantly, we provide the hands-on expertise to remediate the issues with minimal disruption to your team and existing initiatives.

You can trust Fortress Networks to:

  • Create policies, procedures, and documentation that demonstrate compliance with all Safeguard Standards and Criteria
  • Create and conduct workforce training
  • Implement monitoring and reporting systems
  • Develop, implement, and manage an effective contingency plan
  • Create and review Business Associate Agreements to reduce risk
  • Define and implement facility, access, device, media, and audit controls
  • Define and implement security measures including encryption, log management, and intrusion prevention
  • Much more…

Take Action Before It’s Too Late
Its not enough to simply conduct an SRA. Healthcare providers are required by the ONC to make reasonable efforts to remediate any risks that are identified. In the event of a breach or loss, fines and legal costs grow exponentially for organizations that fail to take action.

Protect your patient’s privacy and your reputation by choosing Fortress Networks to assist you with all your healthcare remediation needs. To learn more about Fortress Networks’ healthcare remediation services or to receive a free, no-obligation quote, contact us online or call 1-866-733-8735.