Multi-Cloud Management

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The healthcare industry’s adoption of cloud technology continues to accelerate as advances in cloud security and compliance outpace traditional data center and co-location capabilities. Providers, payers, and life science organizations are faced with the challenge of supporting expensive aging infrastructures that limit their scalability, hinder their agility, and strain their budgets. More importantly, these outdated infrastructures create an unacceptable security risk that make them vulnerable to a PHI breach.

In response, these organizations are moving new and existing IT workloads into the cloud or selecting SaaS enable software vendors to power their applications. This can lead to an eclectic mix of multiple cloud technologies, providers, and services. Managing all of these platforms can be time consuming.

Simplify Management of Your Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Fortress Networks’ Managed Cloud Platform includes features designed to manage multiple HIPAA-compliant cloud environments from a single “pane of glass”.

Through an intuitive web portal, customers can view their infrastructure configuration – including instance level detail – of all their Fortress Networks cloud environments. This includes private (VMware) and public cloud (AWS) instances.

You can leverage automation specifically designed to manage, monitor, and maximize usage of the native underlying IaaS platforms. APIs allow your development teams to directly interact with the underlying infrastructures (including spin up/down) through a single intuitive, feature-rich interface that exists within Fortress Networks’ advanced security and compliance constructs.

Fortress Networks’ Multi-Cloud Management Platform:

  • Simplifies the management of multiple cloud environments
  • Ensures consistent security hardening and HIPAA compliant configuration across multiple cloud technologies — including VMware and AWS
  • Provides access to a suite of useful third-party applications and extensions across multiple topologies that reduce complexity and manageability of multi-cloud deployments.

To experience the convenience and power of healthcare’s only multi-cloud management platform, contact us online for more information or call 1-866-733-8735 and speak to a healthcare cloud consultant.