Healthcare Professional Services

Healthcare Professional Services
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As the leader of a healthcare technology team, your resources are likely stretched thin. You’re expected to:

  • Adopt and quickly implement new technologies
  • Integrate disparate systems and applications
  • Drive initiatives to improve patient access to information and care
  • Access, analyze, and interpret data that can be used to enhance patient outcomes
  • And much more

Most importantly, you must achieve all of the above while improving information security and maintaining strict adherence to constantly evolving regulatory requirements.

Easy, right? Oh wait, you’re also required to cut costs and achieve more each year with little or no increase in your budget.

We can help.

Accelerate the Return on Your Cloud Investment

The Fortress Networks Healthcare Professional Services team can work hand-in-hand with your organization to solve your most pressing technology problems and achieve your objectives. We help our clients accelerate the adoption of new technology, improve patient communication, unlock the power of their data, establish and maintain regulatory compliance, and much more.

From process design and solution architecture, to custom development, data interoperability and deployment, we have the healthcare technology expertise to manage your initiatives from start to finish.

Focus Areas

  • Cloud infrastructure assessment, migration planning, infrastructure design and architecture, deployment, optimization, and management
  • Security risk assessments, compliance adherence, privacy enablement, policy and procedure development, and implementation of security protocols and technology
  • Interoperability services of application and storage environments, HL7 interface design, cloud orchestration, and integration platforms
  • Big data population health services, ACO, data analytics services, provider dashboard development, data warehouse services, Hadoop architecture and management, data harmonization, and data management
  • Consumer patient engagement, website integration and development, mobile integration, digital strategy, and thought leadership

We invite you to contact us to share the details of your project or to simply learn how we work with our clients and about the many joint successes we’ve had.