Clinical Trials

More often than not, multiple organizations will have roles in a healthcare analytics initiative–whether it’s a population health study or clinical research trial. But as committed as all parties may be to the project’s successful outcome, tensions can arise at the first discussion of which entity will have ownership of protecting and managing the data.

Use of cloud-based platforms for applications such as clinical trials or population health management can also eliminate a potentially costly investment in staff resources. Access to the expertise of third-party staff who address integration, data normalization, and security issues on a day-to-day basis is especially important for hospitals and health systems that need technical experience setting up ACOs or other data-sharing initiatives.

Neutral platform: Move to the cloud, so that everyone has secure access to data from a trusted third party.

Protected PHI: Ensure that information about patients involved in trials won’t be compromised.

On-demand service: As clinical trials expand, there is never a need to request more storage space, additional time on the server, or any other needs. The services are  there and always responsive to your needs.

Available everywhere: Anything stored  in the cloud is available on any device that has a web browser- smartphone, tablet, computer, and so on, so researchers can work securely wherever and whenever they need to.